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[CrU]Cato: Np lLilv, i saw about PB problem, i hope that can be solved, yesterday it was inpossible to play coz of big storm here.
Thu Jun 16, 2016 16:50
[CrU]lilv-raptor: and i dont know how to fix it
Thu Jun 16, 2016 13:45
[CrU]lilv-raptor: srry cato missed the night but i couldnt play anyway cuz PB keeps kicking me :s
Thu Jun 16, 2016 13:45
TubeSlayer: Can some one sort th PB problem..? Anyone here ?..
Wed Jun 15, 2016 00:20
[CrU]lilv-raptor: yea it kicked me aswell when i m in game for like 1 min :[
Mon Jun 13, 2016 19:25
TubeSlayer: Ive tried to join server but keep getting Kicked by PB. I thought PB had finished. Any solution ?
Sun Jun 12, 2016 23:25
[CrU]lilv-raptor: hm should be fine if i dont forget it XD
Sun Jun 12, 2016 04:36
[CrU]Cato: Next wednesday , 19 h ? we need some more players..
Thu Jun 09, 2016 17:21
[CrU]Cato: any day ok by me
Sat Jun 04, 2016 20:14
FuZzie: I'll try and join as well when the meeting is arranged
Sat Jun 04, 2016 16:05
[CrU]lilv-raptor: i m up for that cato what day tho and what time? ^^
Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:20
[CrU]Cato: what about a meeting on the server ?
Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:17
[CrU]Cato: many thanks there ...
Sat May 21, 2016 22:24
Jokke: The server should be running hardcore now Sorry for the delay
Fri May 20, 2016 23:36
[CrU]Cato: Out server still running softcore...
Wed May 18, 2016 18:06
TubeSlayer: Hi. Will try and get to the server and see what happens. And also do a few posts in the forum... COD4 rocks )
Wed May 18, 2016 15:23
[CrU]Cato: Thank you Boss..
Wed May 11, 2016 18:07
Jokke: The server is now Hardcore also, It's running 1.7
Tue May 10, 2016 21:14
[CrU]Cato: i updated my game to the latest versuin and it is running well
Mon May 09, 2016 16:23
[CrU]Cato: Hi, can you turn our server to hardcore mode please ....
Mon May 09, 2016 16:21
Maverick: Thx, tried that but did not work. Re-installed the game and all seems good now though, all progress lost however
Mon May 09, 2016 16:18
Jokke: Maverick, I know this might sound like ab ullshit solution, but make sure tou have both headset/speakers and a microphone connected to your PC before you run the game. Chipper had the same problem and this was his solution
Sat May 07, 2016 12:26
Maverick: Keep getting message iw3mp3exe has stopped functioning, cant play mp, anyone got a solution?
Fri May 06, 2016 19:37
Jokke: A Call of duty 4 server has now been added to the site! Enjoy
Wed May 04, 2016 22:47
[CrU]SniperGirl: Hey guys if you canĀ“t remember your password or something, then make a new account and we add you again :).
Wed May 04, 2016 22:25
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